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Exotic genetics. grown right.

High quality crops demand high quality care. 


The Terple Gang is proud to manage a state of the art facility smack dab in the middle of Lansterdam. Where plants are grown with love and carefully monitored and maintained by our passionate team. 


Check out our best selling strains plus more on our processes that nurture the highest quality expression of every genetic we cultivate. 


Goats of cannabis: 1st place flower 

Super Boof

Black Cherry Punch x Tropicana Cookies

Aroma and Taste: Deep hints of earthy gas with notes of cherry, vanilla & sweet fruit, and finishes with a taste of citrus.

30%+ THC

Cadillac Rainbows

Runtz x Pure Michigan (Oreoz x Mendo Breath)

Aroma and Taste: Tastes of sweet cream with a slight spice. Aromas of rich chocolate with an earthy finish.

Cadillac Rainbows-min.jpg

25%+ THC

Return of The Mac

Miracle Alien Cookies x Lemon Gelato

Aroma and Taste: A taste of citrus with a berry exhale and an earthy, sweet & sour aroma.

25%+ THC

Rocket Fuel

Jet Fuel OG x Face Off Bx1

Aroma and Taste: A pungent, fuel-packed profile with notes of diesel & spice highlighted by sweet fruits and an earthy aroma.

DSC04126 (1)-min.jpg

Current & Upcoming Strains

Current Strains

  • Cadillac Rainbows

  • I Scream Cake

  • Rocket Fuel

  • Super Boof

  • Sunshine Daydream

  • Wedding Cake BX1

  • Blockberry

  • Howling Diablo

  • Stank Breath

Upcoming Strains

  • Animal Cookie

  • Catfish

  • Gorilla Glue #4

  • Subzero

  • Caked Up Cherry

  • Cap Junky

  • Super Buff Cherry

optimal environment

Ideal temperatures and humidity levels are maintained throughout for healthy growth from start to finish. 

perpetual harvests

Our innovative facility design and streamlined processes allows for perpetual harvests and consistent quality. 

on site processing

From clone to harvest, plants are processed in-house and treated with patience to prioritize quality over a quick-sell.

hand trimmed with care

Protecting the integrity of every genetic we grow, each bud is handled with care, cured optimally, and hand-trimmed.

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