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Who is Terple Gang?

Meet the Gang

The Terple Gang is a Michigan cannabis cultivation company with one goal in mind: to deliver high quality Michigan flower, post-prohibition.

Where we came from

Introduced through the caregiver network, The Terple Gang founders are long-time cannabis consumers, adventure seekers, and entrepreneurs who combined forces to cultivate and process the freshest and most distinctive cannabis genetics with unparalleled terpene profiles.

With more than a century's worth of combined Michigan cannabis cultivation experience, our founders have been an integral part of furthering legalization and transforming the state's cannabis community, behind the scenes.


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Where we're going

The Terple Gang proudly built a state of the art Michigan cannabis cultivation facility from the ground up, inside a repurposed industrial building that has rich ties to capital city's bustling past - and now, its future growth. 

Today, Terple Gang proudly supports the advancement of science in cultivation, and offering an elevated product for consumers seeking an elevated experience to celebrate the freedom of legalization to the fullest.

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Cultivation & Strain Collection

Learn more about our Michigan cannabis cultivation processes and current strain collection!

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