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We love our Michigan budtenders as much as we love our Terple Gang plants. Now, together, let’s spread the love for quality, top-shelf cannabis by helping you learn more about the minds behind the brand. 


After reading more on Terple Gang’s story, take the quick quiz at the end, and we’ll send you a complimentary TG t-shirt. because who doesn’t love good weed and merch too? 


Who is the Terple Gang? 

The Gang grew up in the days where plugs had pagers and dime bags of brick weed were commonplace. As the years progressed, they watched carefully as the world of weed evolved, in search of the best bag of purps or whatever was “gassiest” from our connect that week. At the helm of criminalization, the Gang, along with the rest of Michigan, patiently awaited their turn to rejoice in legalization. 


Like the Purple Gang of prohibition (without the malicious crimes!), the Terple Gang worked stealthily in the shadows to familiarize themselves with the top-shelf qualities of the plant. At the same time, the founding team worked professionally and publicly advocating for the medicinal benefits and positivity of the plant for the great state we love. 


All the while, Terple Gang founders were working behind the scenes on launching our very own cultivation facility, which we had all been dreaming of since that special first puff. So upon the adult-use market opening in 2018, we were locked, loaded, and ready to grow. 


After putting blood, sweat, and tears into a renovated space found in the heart of downtown Lansing (and what’s known as Lansterdam now!), the Gang forged forward and has never forgotten where it came from. 


Day in and day out, the Terple Gang takes the opportunity to be grateful for the state-of-the-art building and brand they’ve created with one intention in mind: to serve the Michigan cannabis community with the tastiest “best bag” they would seek out long before legalization. And, doing so by seeking out exotic genetics and combining tried-and-true cultivation processes with modern-day practices. 


Serving as your “plug” for all things tasty and potent, as of 2023, the Terple Gang is now raking in the awards for their hard work. 


-MichiGanja Report Reader’s Choice Award: 10 Best Brands Growing Weed in Michigan

-G.O.A.T.S of Cannabis Trophy Winner (Voted on by  Cheech Marin!) 

-First Place for Infused Pre-Rolls from Great Lakes Expungement Network Topshelf Showdown (Blind test!) 


Even more, the operation is capable of producing perpetual harvests to serve consumers with consistent quality that’s rarely out-of-stock and has a variety of pre-roll products to take the work out of weed (or intensify its effects!): 


-5 pack pre-roll jars

-Single pre-rolls

-Infused pre-rolls 


Grown by Michiganders for Michiganders who love good weed—that's the TG way! 


Keep Real Flame. No Gimmicks. on your shelves and get merch to help hype a better high. 

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